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AIFMD Annex IV reporting software solution

Always up-to-date with ESMA guidelines. Easy Annex IV reporting template. Cloud-based solution.

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Import source data

Import both Fund (AIF) and Manager (AIFM) data in a consolidated and well documented excel-based template. Data can also be imported in .csv file format.

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Inspect AIF/AIFM reports

Inspect all sections of the AIF/AIFM Annex IV reports in excel-like format. Clear error messages are provided to indicate invalid or inconsistent data.

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Generate XML reports

Report both the AIFs and AIFM efficiently in XML-format to the National Competent Authority (NCA). The AIFMD reporting software supports multi-jurisdiction reporting.

1000+ validations

Enrichments, calculations and validations reduce the operational workload per AIF, with automated checks for completion.

Always up-to-date Annex IV reporting template

The template includes a comprehensive description of each field. Format and content checks ensure compliance with the ESMA and NCA requirements.

AIFMD reporting in all EEA countries from one source

Manage both your Manager (AIFM) and Fund (AIF) reports for all EU National Competent Authorities (NCA) in a single template. No rekeying of reports, no modifying XML files and no more trial-and-error submissions to the NCA. Simply add the required jurisdictions to the template and start reporting. Save valuable time on your next reporting obligation.

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Battle-tested reliability

Matterhorn’s highly secure software solution is hosted on a European platform with 99,99% availability. Built with proven technology our software enables thousands of filings per year. Our unique software architecture ensures that all client data always remains within your environment, making our solution the safest on the market.


Intelligent optimizations

Our software application validates the clients data against ESMA requirements and checks consistency. Geographical, counterparty and other look-throughs will be automatically calculated for both the AIF and the AIFM.

Speed & scale

With over 1000+ enrichments, calculations and validations we reduce the operational workload per AIF dramatically. Ramp up the speed of your reporting by importing dynamic data and re-using static fund data. Easily add AIFs to your template and scale (up to 1000+ AIFs).

Get started today

Secure AIFMD Annex IV reporting in three simple steps: import, inspect and report.